Are you selling your home? Here are some tips to help you out.

Are you selling your home? here are some tips to help you out.

After taking the decision to sell your house and before the house inspections begin, it is always a
good idea to de-clutter your home, so as to present it to prospective buyers in the best possible

But what do you do with the items you are taking away, the easiest thing to do is to store them. So,
what is the best storage solution for you, Self-storage or Mobile Self-storage.
The answer is Mobile Self-storage and the reasons are below.

LOAD AND UNLOAD ONLY ONCE! – We deliver our SHUTTLEBOXES right to your home driveway or
office for you to load- Once loaded, we return to collect and store your SHUTTLEBOX in our secure
storage facility.

Every time you move your belongings there is the chance of something getting damaged, so the best
way to look after your goods is to minimize the amount of times you move them.
With traditional self-storage, you have to move your goods at least three times to get them into
storage and three times to get them back out, (from your house to the vehicle, from the vehicle to
the trolley at the storage facility and from the trolley into your storage space and the reverse when
you are vacating the space)

With SHUTTLEBOX we take the storage space to you. You simply take your belongings from your
house and place them directly into the storage space, we then come back and take the SHUTTLEBOX
away and store it in our secured storage facility. There is no unnecessary movement of your
belongings, therefore minimizing the chances of your goods getting damaged.
No need for rental trucks or making several trips to a regular storage facility where you may struggle
to find a trolley or get stuck waiting for the lift.

To ensure that your goods are re-delivered in their original condition, here are some key points to
consider while preparing to load your SHUTTLEBOX.
Use correct packaging materials. Be extra careful that items don’t move during transit by carefully
restricting their movement by using the correct packaging materials.
Put as much as you can into boxes, but remember not to make them too heavy as this will make it
more likely that you will injure yourself.

Boxes provide greater protection for your goods and will make loading and unloading your
SHUTTLEBOX easier. Fill each box to its capacity, using butchers paper or fillers to eliminate empty

Tape the bottom of each box for added strength.
Please ensure that no liquids, foods or perishables goods are stored in your SHUTTLEBOX. Make sure
that fridges and freezers have been defrosted and emptied before loading into the SHUTTLEBOX.
Protect metal items from rust by wiping metal items with a rag dipped in oil to protect them (not
cooking oil).

Label boxes on all sides to make unloading easier.

Please note that while we do offer a service to load your SHUTTLEBOX, it is your responsibility to
properly pack and protect your goods in advance.

You can order from our extensive range of packing materials and tools for you to use to pack your
goods safely and securely prior to the pickup of your SHUTTLEBOX.

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