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When you just need more space

There can be many times in life where we can look around and realise that we just need more space. This can occur when we have decided to move into a smaller home or office, or when two families move in together. A loved one may have passed away, leaving their possessions behind, or a child may return to the coop to save for their own home. Others may simply find that they have collected too many things, or they have possessions that they don’t use all year round. Whatever the reason may be for needing more space, mobile self-storage can be a great solution. Mobile storage is a service where the storage space comes to you. Here at Shuttle Box, we deliver the storage box to the desired location at the time that has been booked. Then you have 24 hours to load the box with your possessions at your own pace. All that is left to do after that is to lock the box and keep the key. We will then return 24 hours later and pick up the box to return to our facility where you can access the box during business hours. It really is that simple.

What are the benefits of mobile storage?

One of the biggest benefits of mobile storage is that it creates space. Having more space in the home or place of business often helps people feel more clear, calm, and in control. Instead of having to look around and worry about where things are going to go, that worry is easily taken away with our mobile self-storage. One of the best things about mobile self-storage is that those who are implementing the service do not have to physically drive their items anywhere. This is extremely handy for those who do not have access to a ute, van or trailer. Furthermore, it is harder to lift heavy items into a ute or truck and usually, more than one person is required for the task. Our boxes are quite easy to put items in and possessions only have to be carried from the home to the box. This is also a cost-effective option as many removalists are expensive due to having to pay for labour. Saving time, money and stress are just some of the experienced benefits of our services.

Times when our boxes are commonly used

As previously mentioned, there are many different times in peoples lives where they will just need more space. Furthermore, there can be times where people will need somewhere to hold their possessions for a little while. For example, a young couple may be going on holidays for 6 months and have nowhere to keep their valuables. Having the ability to store possessions safely for a certain period of time is the perfect option for those who wish to travel. Alternatively, someone may be moving interstate and will need a little bit of time to organise the delivery of their items. Our boxes can easily be used to store possessions until a time where they can be delivered interstate.

For those who need extra help

Here at Shuttlebox, we understand that our self-managed services will appeal to many people. Having said this, there are some out there that will need a little bit of extra help. For those who may have a disability, who have an injury, or who simply do not have the time or strength to pack their box themselves, our team can be hired to complete the task. While this is a little bit more of an expensive service, it can be a great option for those who cannot pack their items themselves and who are looking for full convenience. This option can also be further beneficial as our professional team knows how to pack items so that damage is minimised.

At the end of the day, there can be many reasons why more space may be needed. While we can sometimes find ourselves surrounded and overwhelmed by possessions, there is no need to remain bogged down by it all. Our services can be implemented so that any excess items can be safely stored and can be easily accessed. Home and offices can once again be clear and manageable, and more time can be spent doing the important things such as spending time with loved ones. As there are so many benefits to having more space, as well as to hiring a self-storage service, there is no reason to not book in one of our boxes today.

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