It is self-storage delivered to you. Too easy.

What is Mobile Self-storage?

Mobile self-storage is the same as regular self-storage but more convenient and cost effective.

With traditional self-storage, you need to:

  • Hire a Ute/truck to take your belongings to the storage facility,
  • load your belongings into the vehicles at your premises,
  • unload the vehicle at the storage facility onto a trolley,
  • Push your belongings to where your storage space is,
  • Unload your belongings into your storage space.

Note that the more times you move your belongings the greater the chance of them being damaged.

With Mobile Self-storage, you need to:

  • Book a time when it is most convenient for you,
  • When the Shuttlebox arrives at your place, load the box at your convenience (you get 24 hours to load the Shuttlebox),
  • You then lock the box and keep the key,
  • After 24 hours, we will come back to pick up your Shuttlebox,
  • We will drive back to the storage facility and store your Shuttlebox,
  • You can access your Shuttlebox anytime during business hours, (Monday to Saturday)

Follow this link to watch a video on how the process works.

Why is Mobile Self-storage more cost effective?

With Mobile Self-storage, you only pay the monthly storage fee everything else is taken care of.

  • You don’t need to hire a Ute or truck as we have that as part of the service,
  • Damage cost are minimised as your goods are only moved once,
  • Since the Shuttlebox storage modules are stackable, we can fit more modules in the warehouse and as such pass on the savings,

At $125.00 per month for 10 cubic meters of storage we are roughly 50% cheaper than traditional self-storage.


Drop & Supply

We drop & supply your shuttle box.

You Pack

You can take your time to pack

We Store

Shuttlebox will be removed & stored in our secure storage area.

Self storage made easy

Shuttlebox self storage service means that we will take the hassle out of your storage issues by dropping the shuttle box at your doorstep! You can load it at your leisure.
When your finished give us a call and we will collect your shuttlebox and store it in our secure storage facility, Too easy

You save money

There will be no additional costs to hire a truck & removalist. A straight forward solution for your storage needs with no hidden costs.

No fuss free access to your Shuttlebox

You can simply get free access to your belongings 6 days a week. We just need 24 hour notice so that we can have your shuttle box ready for you..