Packaging Cardboard Boxes

When it comes to packing boxes not all boxes are the same, there is your standard cardboard box and then there is corrugated cardboard boxes. Standard cardboard boxes are the ones that most of the products you buy come in, corrugated boxes as the name suggests have a core that looks like corrugated iron. If you are moving or storing your belonging the best boxes are corrugated due to the fact that they are stronger and more resistant.

When people need moving boxes, they will look for free boxes either from friends, Facebook or from the local supermarket, these options are not bad but you cannot control the sizes or the quality of the boxes that you will be able to source.

When it comes to box sizes most people will think that bigger is better but this is not the case, if you only have big packaging boxes most people will just load them up to capacity which will usually make the box too heavy to move safely (without the risk of injury).  Also, if you have too many different sizes it will become a problem to properly stack them or store them.

Here at Shuttle Box we have researched the best box sizes for packing up your house, and we have come up with only two different sized boxes. Our large Shuttle Box cardboard boxes or tea chest are 408mm length x 408mm width x 676mm height, these are the best boxes to pack all of your lightest items like bedding, cushions, soft toys or anything else that is bulky but light. Our small boxes are 408mm length x 408mm width x 338mm height. If you notice these small boxes are exactly half of the large boxes.

The small boxes are best for loading all of your heavy items like books, dishes, cutlery etc. The purpose of putting all your heavier items in the small boxes is mainly a safety concern, as you will not be able to overfill them which then means that your chances of a back injury are greatly diminished.

Now, since the small packaging boxes are exactly half the size of the large tea chests, you will find it easier to load your Shuttle Box as the cardboard boxes are modular, so that two small boxes will sit perfectly next to a large tea chest and you will find that filling your Shuttle Box will be as much trouble as playing Tetris.

At shuttle Box we do not only have packing cardboard boxes but also a full range of packing supplies, which includes packing tape and fragile tape, Stanley knifes, bubble wrap, moving blankets (furniture felt), butchers paper, locks, mattress protectors and permanent markers.

If you would like to find out more about our modular cardboard boxes or any of our products including packing supplies or one or more of our Shuttle Boxes which are among the biggest in the industry do not hesitate to give us a call on 1800 838 956 or visit our website at

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