Should I sell my belongings while travelling on my gap year?

Should I sell my belongings while travelling on my gap year?

Gap years have always been a popular choice of activity for many students – whether you’re going overseas to gain work experience or simply to see the world before you settle into working life, the ‘gap year’ is a generic term for an ambiguous amount of time. And it is this ambiguity that can present problems.

You have saved up your money and gotten your tickets ready, your passport has arrived but there is one thing still left to consider. What do you do with all your belongings that you are not going to sell, like your fridge, bed, washing machine and anything else that you will need on your return or anything that holds sentimental value.

Perhaps you’ve moved out of home already and are sharing accommodation with other students or friends. The likelihood is you’ll be overseas when your tenancy agreement ends and your housemates are all looking to move on. Or maybe you’re going travelling on a one-way ticket with no set return date. Your parents or housemates might still be there when you get back, but you’re not quite so sure if that’s where you’ll come back to – and that’s if you even return at all. So, what do you do with your stuff

There are a few different things you might consider to solve this issue, like storing your things in your parents or a friend’s house, the problem there, is that they may not have the space that you require and you can’t really be assured that nothing will happen to them, like some getting damaged or broken. The other thing to consider is whether your family or friends will still be living where they were by the time you come back, and if they are not then your belongings would have moved with them increasing the chance of anything being damaged.

Putting the bulk of your belongings into self-storage while you travel is a great solution – there’s no time limit on how long they can be kept there, plus everything is safe and secure.

With traditional storage, you have to move your goods at least three times to get them into storage and three times to get them back out, (from your house to the vehicle, from the vehicle to the trolley at the storage facility and from the trolley into your storage space and the reverse when you are vacating the space)

With SHUTTLE BOX we take the storage space to you. You simply take your belongings from your house and place them directly into the storage space, we then come back and take the SHUTTLE BOX away and store it in our secured storage facility. There is no unnecessary movement of your belongings, therefore minimizing the chances of your goods getting damaged.

Our boxes have an honest 10 cubic meters of storage space and our prices are so low that it will only cost you around $4.00 dollars a day.

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