Sydney Mobile Storage – Never get caught out again

Sydney Mobile Storage – Never get caught out again

There can come a time in peoples lives when they find themselves in a position where they are stuck with items without a place to store them. This can commonly occur when a loved one passes away, and they have not left any instructions on what to do with their left-behind possessions. Other people can find themselves needing to travel for six months or more for work and it is too expensive to keep renting their homes simply to store their possessions in it. Others will need to store their items for a little while until they can figure out how to transport their items interstate. For some, they will need to store seasonal items such as camping gear that they only use once or twice a year. It is also common for businesses to develop the need to store certain items that they may only need for special events. But whatever the scenario may be and whatever needs to be stored there is a great and simple solution that can be found in the form of Sydney mobile storage. This is a service that will deliver a storage box to a desired location and customers will have 24 hours to pack their possessions into the box. The box will then be picked up and taken back to the storage facility. Contact us anytime to arrange a mobile storage box delivered at your door!

We aren’t like traditional self-storage

We here at Shuttle Box provide a service that is unlike traditional self-storage. Sydney mobile storage doesn’t require a ute, van, or trailer to cart your belongings to a storage location, they are instead easily picked up by our team. You also don’t have to physically load your belongings into anything. Our shuttle boxes are placed on the ground and act as a miniature room which you can simply place your items in. This can be extremely beneficial as many people find that they can injure themselves when they are lifting and pushing their belongings around trying to get them into the back of a ute or into a high van. Furthermore, people using our services don’t have to unload the items at the other end which again saves time as well as the risk of injury. On top of all of this, our services are extremely easy to book. It is as simple as visiting the “book now” tab on our website and selecting the length of time that you wish to hire one of our shuttle boxes. There is a choice of 1-month, 6-months, or 12-months. Those who are looking for a longer period of time, or who are looking to hire several boxes are able to easily contact us to receive a quote. Once the desired time period is chosen, the postcode where the shuttle box is to be delivered will need to be entered and the box can then be added to the cart. From there, customers will need to enter the checkout area where they can pay for their box and enter all of their details. It is as simple as that and you can view our product range here!

What you can expect from your storage box

Our storage boxes (also known as shuttle boxes) are 2.4 metres deep, 1.8 metres wide, and 2.4 metres high. This gives customers the ability to store approximately 1.5 rooms of furniture or 150 archive boxes. The structure of the box is not only sturdy, but it is also breathable which means that your possessions won’t get damp or mouldy. Furthermore, it is waterproof which further prevents items from any damage. Customers are able to supply their own lock for the box if they choose or we are able to easily supply one for them. Most importantly, our boxes are completely portable which is how we are able to easily transport them from location to location. All customers will have 24-hours to fill their shuttle boxes before one of our team members pick up the box to return to our depot. From here, the boxes can be visited as many times as the customer wants so they don’t have to feel like they are saying goodbye to their possessions forever.

In conclusion, there is no reason to get caught out with having too many items with nowhere to store them. Our shuttle box system is specifically designed for those who need help in a pinch and can be easily be used by anyone with any type of possession that they need to be stored. Explore our website to learn more or give one of our team members a call today.

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