Why mobile self storage is the key for small business

Walking down the aisles of our Shuttlebox Mobile Self-Storage facility, each storage module appears the same on the outside, but behind each door lays a different story, with a different purpose.

While families might store their Christmas decorations safely for another year, and a winter sports enthusiast might store their skiing equipment ready for the next season, other people are using self-storage in a completely different way. Individuals are actually building their small business empires from our storage modules.

Using self-storage as part of a small business strategy is something that is becoming increasingly popular, helping individuals to secure a better future as they take the plunge into entrepreneurship. By storing and sorting items like clothing stock or home interiors stock, small businesses are able to run their businesses from mobile self-storage outlets very successfully.

Here are just a few reasons why mobile self-storage has become the helping hand on the journey to success:


It’s commercially viable

It is widely known that rental rates are significantly high, especially for a business that wants to attract retail customers. This has prompted many businesses to set up from their own homes instead, acting as mini e-commerce outlets that operate with the support of a website and/or social media platform.

While many businesses start out from the kitchen table, this option soon becomes inconvenient and impossible with any kind of business growth. The smart solution, without having to take high street rental space, is to opt for self-storage. This is a safe, commercially viable space that allows business owners to store their stock. This space is also free from other financial outlays that would come hand-in-hand with a traditional retail space, such as council rates or rental or business rates for non-domestic properties.


It’s much more flexible

A fundamental attraction for many start-ups is the ability to store a variety of stock, which can be accessed at a time convenient to their business.

There’s always someone at Shuttlebox Mobile Self-Storage during working hours, but if you need to organize access outside of our normal operating hours, that can also be arrange.

Long notice periods are also not required if the business decides to withdraw from self-storage, as they would be with other traditional rental space.


It’s safe

It is not uncommon for some new businesses to have considered a slightly dodgy garage space previously – somewhere unsafe, open to damp and perhaps even accessible by insects or animals. However, we understand that your stock is your livelihood, and it is of tremendous value to start-ups. That is why we offer safe and secure storage, away from the elements.

Small businesses shouldn’t run the risk of lost, damaged or stolen stock – something that might occur when they nominate their couriered stock to be left in a designated ‘safe’ place.

If you would like more information on how Shuttlebox mobile self- storage could benefit your small business, or to discuss options available, call us on 1800 838 956.

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