Why you should store with Shuttle Box instead of one of our competitors

You need self-storage and have chosen to use mobile self-storage instead of traditional self-storage, which means that you are off to a great start, your belongings will be better protected as they will be loaded and unloaded only once, as we deliver our SHUTTLE BOXES right to your home driveway or office for you to load. Once loaded, we return to collect and store your SHUTTLE BOX in our secure storage facility.

Every time you move your belongings there is the chance of something getting damaged, so the best way to look after your goods is to minimize the amount of times you move them.

With traditional storage, you have to move your goods at least three times to get them into storage and three times to get them back out, (from your house to the vehicle, from the vehicle to the trolley at the storage facility and from the trolley into your storage space and the reverse when you are vacating the space)

With SHUTTLE BOX we take the storage space to you. You simply take your belongings from your house and place them directly into the storage space, we then come back and take the SHUTTLE BOX away and store it in our secured storage facility. There is no unnecessary movement of your belongings, therefore minimizing the chances of your goods getting damaged.

So, why should you choose SHUTTLE BOX instead of one of our competitors? The answer is simple, as with anything else honesty is paramount, while some of our competitors will give you external dimensions of their storage modules (and therefore the external cubic meters), this is not an actual representation of how much storage capacity their storage modules have, for example, some companies will tell you that they have storage modules with 8 cubic meters when in fact the actual capacity of the storage module is closer to 6 cubic meters.

Our boxes have an honest 10 cubic meters of storage space and our prices are so low that it will only cost you around four dollars a day.

Also, as we are smaller than some of the other companies we can be more bespoke, let’s say that you need delivery after business hours or even on a Sunday, if you let us know this at the time of booking or at least 24 hours before delivery, then this will not incur any additional costs.

When it comes to service we are second to none, our friendly staff are there to help you. We understand that moving is a very stressful situation for some people so we try and do all we can to help as much as possible, for example if you need a little bit of extra time to load your box, don’t stress we will not charge you extra as we understand that these things cannot be avoided sometimes.

If you need someone to load the Shuttle Box for you we have a loading service that we provide for an extra charge, but if you just need a hand loading something heavy, we are just happy to help you out.

When it comes to mobile self-storage you need look no further than Shuttle Box as we have all your storage needs covered with the best prices around.

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