self storage sydney prices

Self Storage Sydney Prices

Month to Month

$189/mo per Shuttlebox

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Self Storage Sydney Prices

6 Month Storage Plan

$1080 per Shuttlebox

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Self Storage Sydney Prices

1 Year Storage Plan

$1999 per Shuttlebox

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Other Rates & Prices

Breakdown of our self-storage prices in Sydney.

Once-off Cleaning & Fumigation Fee

  • $40.00. Your Shuttlebox will be swept and fumigated prior to its arrival at your door. Whilst it’s in our secure storage centre, it will receive weekly external fumigation whilst our centre is fumigated.

Shuttlebox Loading and Unloading Service

  • $80.00 per hour per operator (base to base). Yes we can load your Shuttlebox for you.


  • $2.00 per $1000.00 of cover
  • Minimum cost is $2.00 a month for $1000.00 worth of cover
  • Maximum cost is $100.00 a month for $50,000.00 worth of cover
  • If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring

Out of Sydney Delivery Rates

  • Because of the variables involved (traffic, distance, access, amount of Shuttleboxes to be redelivered) we like to liase with our customers in the weeks before they move into their new home to give an estimate that we both agree upon. Please phone us on 1800 838 956 in the weeks before we are due to redeliver so we can give an estimate as to what the re-delivery cost may be.


  • They are all around us. We must be mindful of other vehicles, trees, buildings, downpipes, balconies, letterboxes, steep and/or narrow driveways, nasty neighbours, and pesky parking rangers. We also require at least 4mt of clearance height, 3mt of clearance width, and 12mt of clearance length (vehicle and Shuttlebox combined length). You name it, we’ve experienced it, but overcome it. But we are only ever a phone call away for us to both work together to identify hazards before they become problems. Please phone us on 1800 838 956 in the days before we arrive if you think we may encounter an issue.

Access No-Show Fee

  • $50.00. If you have booked to access your Shuttlebox but don’t show up and don’t cancel beforehand, a no-show fee will be charged.